Well, it’s like Beric and Lady Stoneheart are fire wights.

Everyone: Well, it’s like Beric and Lady Stoneheart are fire wights.

Me: Well, I get what you are saying, but that is a bit over simplifying it. The wights are resurrected in groups and seem to be mostly mindless, with maybe some rudimentary emotions. Beric is certainly, we’ll say, post-human. He has fire for blood. He is losing memories with each resurrection, but he isn’t mindless and he isn’t being controlled by a puppet master. He worries about what he is becoming. Mindless, soulless beings don’t worry about what they are becoming. I don’t think any of the regular wights are having existential crises.  And don’t forget Mel, she has fire for blood too. I think in many ways they are more like the Others than the wights, not dead, but transformed by fire. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t living and human in the traditional sense. I don’t expect a resurrected Jon to be able to make babies with Danny or anything, but they aren’t really wights.
George R. R. Martin: He’s like a fire wight.

Me: God damn it, George.

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