I raise my glass to my Queen of Wine & Wildfire and King of the Ashes.

When this guy dies….so does the unpredictability and interesting writing/story telling in GoT. Whether you love or hate them, characters like Littlefinger, Viserys, Ramsay, Stannis, Joffrey, Cersei (who will most likely die too) brought that ‘holy shit, oh no they didn’t, what are they capable of?… they won’t ‘go there’…. yep, they ‘went there’…. Without them? I would have tuned out years ago.

I know 95% of the fandom has a collective boner just waiting for Baelish to die (I wanted Ramsay to die too but at least I knew I was going to miss his psycho ass in some way just because you didn’t know what the fuck he was going to do) but that same ‘what does he have up his sleeve’ is sooo going to be missing.

I used to love Tyrion but after his epic court scene, his character died to become Dany’s drunken advisor. Varys, whose chess match and war of words with his worthy adversary, Littlerfinger, hasn’t had anything interesting to do in years. Their scenes were gold. The real puppetmasters in GoT.

But now, with the inevitable deaths of both Baelish and Cersei, I’m growing bored of this show and it’s downward spiral into being a low-rent LOTR cgi battle that will last into next season.

Stark kids reunite, Arya is going to kill someone, Bran will see something important that will probably save the day, Jon and Dany meet and probably end up hooking up as “ice & fire”, Jon is a Targaryen, they battle the Lannisters, Jaime probably kills Cersei and becomes a ‘ good guy’ and/or they either win or everyone looks North and has a collective “fml” moment and combine forces to battle the White Walkers with dragons. Dany either pulls her head out of her ass and become a good queen or she falls down the same route as her family. Jon becomes king or dies saving everyone and at least one Stark is left..

Oh I could go into a multitude of over-analyzed endings that fans have guessed at for years. None of which are really exciting, great story telling, or anything new. The story will basically devolve into mankind fighting against a supernatural force and most likely winning.

Having dark horses in the mix like Baelish and others kept it unpredictable and intriguing. Fans freaked over killing off ‘beloved’ characters like Robb, Ned, Cat, etc… but what purpose would they serve by staying alive? Not much, really. Varys, at one point you really wondered who he was serving and what he game plan was, but now….snore. I was really hoping for an epic match up in the end with Baelish, the two men I considered the real players in this game – where EVERYONE else (other than WW) was a pawn. Now, the dark horses will be dead and gone. As much as I love Olenna, I don’t foresee much happening with her other than getting revenge on Cersei probably.

Fans in general would most likely hate it, but keeping a character like Baelish, whose motives are never crystal clear, even if you think you know, you could be wrong – in until the end keeps a mystery and intrigue in the storyline that keeps nagging you —- WHAT IF. What if this dark horse, loathed character, throws a wrench into everything, what if he causes chaos, what if he manipulates or convinces other characters to make different choices…what if he survives to the end… only to end up winning (even IF it’s a pile of ashes) OR redeems himself in some way no one expects…

Again….the expectation and predictability of the story and hoping GRRM wasn’t going to use the old tried and true….or old and over-used cliché tropes that everyone’s figured out already.

I suppose I’m still hoping for a miracle that the writers won’t kill off the two last remaining characters that are actually INTERESTING, even if they are considered villains. I guess I’m sick of the same shit, hero always wins in some fashion, good vs evil – yea! the goodies won even if they almost died, all tied up neat with a ribbon, no surprises, add a few big battle scenes and voila – the end.

It’s all been done to death and back again. The only thing that might redeem Dany in my view is if she ends up being a nasty villain, sending her Dothraki hoards to kill off, pillage and rape her would-be Westerosi subjects. They won’t like her for that. THAT would at least make her interesting as a flawed character who gets lost in her quest for power and isn’t the good queen she thinks she is.

Sansa, if she turned to the dark side would be FAR more interesting. What else does she have but to sideline for Jon and Arya now? Bran still has potential, but again predictable.

Fuck that no-nothing Jon Snow. I never understood why everyone loves his character. Run of the mill good guy, not so smart but full of heart, hero. SNORE.

Arya could have been interesting but they dragged her shit out wayyyy too long.

Tyrion? One of the most dynamic characters suddenly reduced to nothing but witless dialogue and drinking.

That leaves us with Littlefinger (such a well written, genius character that has been dumbed down to the point of ridiculousness) and Cersei. Both brilliantly acted – one who unfortunately remains underrated and underused as hell imo. I worry both will die.

I had such high hopes that GRRM would go against the grain and really pull out something unique after all the books and all these years with the show…but sadly, I see it not happening. Those fans will get the ending they’re hoping for and yet I find myself underwhelmed with where the story is heading. I know it’s just fiction and entertainment, but I was really hoping for something better after all these years.

Well, I raise my glass to my Queen of Wine & Wildfire and King of the Ashes.

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