If Jonsa is not endgame, can you see Sansa with any other character on the show

If Jonsa is not endgame, can you see Sansa with any other character on the show/books? Of course her fate shouldn’t be determined solely on who she ends up with, but since her story is rooted in family and finding true love that is deserving of her, I truly believe that a just ending would be her finding her true love. And I can’t see her end up with some random guy in the epilogue/future either. We want to see someone earn her love rather than being told that she ended up with a great guy.

I agree. I can’t see Sansa ending up with any new character at this point. It would feel so contrived to introduce someone this late in the story and be like “ta-dah, here’s your happily ever after!” Likewise, it would be even worse if Sansa was randomly married off at the end and they’re like “oh she’s happy now trust us totally”.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. There are 3 men who are being shipped with Sansa in the fandom aside from Jon and I adamantly loathe 2 of them. jon-snow-and-sansa-stark

Sansa x Petyr? Please get that abusive shit out of my face. The man literally sold her to a known rapist and murdered. He manipulated her. He basically set into motion the execution of her father. And you want that piece of trash with Sansa? Honestly, get your head check because your misogyny is showing.

Sansa x Sandor? Uhhh… didn’t he try to rape her at one point? He might be undergoing a redemption arch, which I will admit I am all for because I am so here for CleganeBowl and I did really enjoy his interactions with Arya. Yes, he also did protect Sansa, but there’s an underlying aggression in the way he is with Sansa. And redemption arc or not, I don’t want Sansa (a rape survivor) to end up with someone who tried to rape her. Doesn’t matter he didn’t succeed. The intention was there. That’s not okay. Sansa is not a plot device for his redemption.

Sansa x Tyrion? If we’re going simply by show Tyrion, who is far nobler than his book counterpart, then I say that this could work. He treated Sansa with respect and cared for her. While I don’t believe there was anything romantic between either of them, there was a certain level of friendship and admiration on both sides, especially on Tyrion imo. At it currently stands, however, I’m going to need to see more interactions to really give it my judgment.

There’s also the infamous Sansa x Margaery pairing, and although Margaery was a bit of a two-faced bitch at times, I do love the idea of them. They’d honestly work in a Modern AU setting, rather than a canon one. Not to mention Margaery is dead 🙁

That really doesn’t leave a lot left for Sansa. Most of the people she’s ever interacted with have treated her horribly and all I want more than a Jonsa endgame is for Sansa to be loved, in love, safe and happy.

Sansa x Brienne is more crack ship, but hey ho, it’d be such an adorable the Warrior and the Princess story. And imagine the angst for Brienne? Like she swore to Catelyn to protect Sansa. Her honour would make loving Sansa such a conflict for her.

Sansa x Theon… I don’t know. While I don’t 100% agree with this assertion, several much more knowledgeable Jonsa shippers have argued that the Sansa and Ramsay plotline was to further Theon’s redemption arc, and for that reason alone, I would hate for a Sansa x Theon romance. I don’t want Sansa to be a plot device for anyone’s redemption arc. A great friendship between them, however, is something I’m on board with.

Who else is there left?

I mean in the most crack ships of crack ships, you could suggest Sansa and Podrick because hell, he’d treat her like the queen she is. And he’s clearly very thoughtful and attentive in bed 😉 And damn it #GiveSansaStarkAnOrgasm2k17 But this is highly doubtful lmao

Sansa x Tormund? Lmao as if. That gentle ginger giant has eyes for only one.

Ooh, there’s also the cracky ship of Sansa x Jaime too. And honestly, if it was even remotely possible in canon, they might work. Not long-haired asshole Jaime, but like short-haired beautiful heroic Jaime because that Jaime is trying to be the kind of knight Sansa used to dream about. And Sansa is good, kind, strong-willed and shrewd. She is what Cersei could’ve been had she not been born into such a horrible family and into such horrible circumstances so early on. But like I said, this is extremely cracky.

I don’t think she’s really interacted with anyone else on the show that would be even 10% good for her. I know this doesn’t really answer your question at all, but these are my thoughts anyway on Sansa’s potential love life, so you can see why Jon is perfect for Sansa in every way.

But like I said, at the end of the day, as long as Sansa is happy, loved, respected and safe, I’m happy. Even if that means no Jonsa. And even if that means she ends up alone. I just want her to be okay

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