what if the Hound told Sansa about Littlefinger betraying Ned in the throne room

Just to clarify I am team Jonsa all day, but for the sake of storytelling I’d love it if the Hound told Sansa about Littlefinger betraying Ned in the throne room. He was the only one in the room who would want or would be able to tell her about it, and really one of the few who’s still alive. I think it would be great dramatic fun, rather than just lazily doing it through Weirwood. net

And yeah, that would be interesting. I have a momentary lapse in brain function right now, but where did we last see the Hound? He joined Beric, right? So he’s on his way North right now. Will they stop by Winterfell? Or just head straight on up?

WHEN AM I GONNA SEE CLEGANEBOWL!!!!!!!!!Littlefinger-betraying-Ned

Sorry, got distracted… But I don’t know when he’ll get the opportunity to tell Sansa tbh. I don’t see Beric stopping his band of merry men at Winterfell before heading on up. It’d be more likely that he’d tell Jon about what happened first and Jon would go all “oh no I left the love of my life with that little prick!!!!” And he’d want to run all the way back to Winterfell to kill Petyr, but of course he can’t.

It would be really interesting though if Jon found out while he was unable to do anything about it.

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