Contemplating random Game of Thrones thoughts. Winter Always Ends.

Contemplating random Game of Thrones thoughts. Winter Always Ends. | Cycles of apocalypse through history.

Seasons change. Winter comes. And winter ends. The opposing forces of Ice and Fire are constantly waring with one another, keeping the world in motion, in balance, and never fully overthrowing the other. Light and Dark continue to exist through the ages. The dragons never died out, like once believed, though they were dormant and hidden for so long people believed them to be extinct. The White Walkers became a myth, having not been seen for so long, they became an old tale. But seasons change. Winter comes. The long night. Game-of-thrones-season-7-1-recap

But after the long night is the dawn, and after the winter is spring. The cycle continues, though people believe it is the End of Days. ‘The End is here!’ But it’s never the end. It’s just the end of a cycle, and a new one begins.

I have no idea what this picture shows, whether its a Solar/Luna cycle or a planetary cycle of some kind, but it brought up the idea of the ancient cycles of the cosmos. (And also, seeing the blue circles, next to the red ones, the idea of opposing forces Ice and Fire.) Its hard to explain what I am even getting at, but if anyone recognises this diagram from somewhere, and knows what it is, please feel free to shed some insight.

At this point my theory/contemplation is pretty whack, but its actually based on a philosophy that there are these cycles throughout history, where there are peaks in the fascination and obsession with ‘the End of the World’. During certain eras or generations, the end is believed to be coming, to be soon, to be here. But it never is. Human history has certain points where it can seem like, to a particular generation, that it is finally the apocalypse. The apocalypse is referred to in literature, art, painting, media… the types of genres and content people write, consume, and create, begin to reference ‘the end.’ Whether they intend to or not, whether subtly or not, becomes a common thread underlying artistic works or even religious teachings of a certain time, (when the church begins to tell their members to start preparing for the second coming cs the apocalypse is close… etc etc.)

Okay totally getting off track, but basically, I have this fascination with the cycle of the seasons being portrayed in Game of Thrones. The summer child. The long night. Winter is coming.  All of these phrases are particular enchanting to me, because the deep and inner workings of the cosmos seem to be at play here.  And I’d love to know more about it. See how this is going to be revealed. And I love contemplating it all.

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